Annual Training Labs

Doing FPE Research in Brighton. Photo: WEGO

The annual training labs will be pivotal events for the WEGO project, as a key knowledge exchange moment, along with skills training and networking. The three training labs will be attended by early and experienced researchers of the project, and open to a limited number of outside researchers. The training labs will provide a unique set of skills not only in terms of FPE research methodologies, but also to enable ESRs to understand how to analyse and ultimately apply experiences and research from outside Europe to European research and policy design. The training labs will be important introductions to how to apply research to policy and on the ground realities. There will be two in Europe and one outside of Europe in Uruguay reflecting the international scope of the project. The training labs will be an important moment for the entire network to come together, review and reflect the different ESR projects and to learn together on the shared methodologies and approaches. WEGO board meetings will be held during these trainings so that the trainings will make full use of the experience and knowledge in the network.