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Simona LanzoniSimona Lanzoni, vicepresident of Fondazione Pangea, she  is a gender expert. After her degree in Political Science she spent many years in the development fields in post conflict and conflict areas, in extreme poor zone of the world and later also in the western countries under different task and role (ex.Afghanistan, India, Nepal, R.D.C., Italy ).
Lanzoni has been always active in promoting at grassroots level practices to develop women agency, their economic and social empowerment in a holistic perspective together with the work of policy for the advancement of women rights and freedom, the prevention and the end of violence against women and the promotion of their wellbeing. She is from 2015 a member of the monitoring body of the Istanbul convention at the Council of Europe – GREVIO-Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence-  and from October 2017 she is the GREVIO second vice president.  Lanzoni is also the gender equality rapporteur for Grevio from 2015. Before her commitment in GREVIO In 2014 she received the honour of “Commendatore della Repubblica” for her work to promote the empowerment of women and fight VAW in various countries of the world”.