Milja Fenger


Host Institute


International Institute of Social Studies

Milja Fenger photo Topic Population growth and environmental justice: rethinking reproductive freedom.



Wendy Harcourt, Murat Arsel

Secondment 1 University of Brighton



Rebecca Elmhurst

Secondment 2 Fondazione Pangea



Simona Lanzoni



Italy and UK

After several years making theatre in London, Milja Fenger studied for her BA in Human Sciences at the University of Oxford and an MPhil in Conservation Science at the University of Cambridge.

After graduating she worked in research communication for the Food and Climate Research Network in Oxford, before moving to TRAFFIC, an international NGO focusing on curbing illegal trade in wild animals and plants. She has conducted field work in India, Malaysia and Cameroon and am also a part-time director and writer for film and theatre.