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Bettina Bock is Professor for Population Decline and Quality of Life at Groningen University and Personal Professor in the Rural Sociology group at Wageningen University.
Her areas of research include inclusive rural development and social innovation, governance and rural gender relations. She is the editor in chief of Sociologia Ruralis, and board member of the European Society for Rural Sociology and the International Rural Sociology Association.


Chizu Sato is a permanent faculty member in the Sociology of Consumption and Households group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

She has taught in the areas of feminist theory, global development and consumption studies in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. Her primary research interests lie at the intersections of women, care, empowerment, and development. From a transnational feminist political economy and ecology lens she currently investigates postcapitalist politics of commoning in both the majority and the minority worlds. She is an associate editor of Rethinking Marxism: A Journal of Economics, Culture, and Society.