WEGO members at Cost Action Decolonising Development Brussels

Wendy Harcourt and Constance Dupuis from WEGO-ITN-Network joined the Decolonising Development Cost Action Management meeting in Brussels 25-26 June 2022.

Wendy and Constance participated the two day meeting, the first face to face of the Cost Action network in Brussels where they join in the in-depth discussions about research, pedagogy and activism on decolonizing in Europe.

For more on Cost Action Decolonising Development see: https://decolonise.eu/about-us-cost-action-decolonising-development/

Decolonial feminisms emerged as one of the themes to be further explored. Wendy and Constance are now founding members of the Decolonial Feminisms Group.

Around 15 members of Cost Action plan to meet May 2023 in Italy at Grotte Di Castro Italy where WEGO-ITN held a very successful retreat in June (link to report) to discuss decolonial feminisms as a concept and practice. They will discuss texts, practical ways of doing research/ teaching otherwise and discussing issues of race in Europe. The retreat will aim to support each of the members based in academic institutions throughout Europe and how to resist racisms and sexism and agism at different life-stages inside university environment. The plan will be to prepare a collaborative written piece based on the discussions and writings.

Funds permitting there is a plan for a back to back meeting with eco-feminists in Rome as part of a Feminist Ecological Solidarities for Transformation FEST* Feminist Political Ecology Dialogue continuing the work of the WEGO-ITN FPE Dialogues.

For those interested to know more please contact Wendy Harcourt (harcourt@iss.nl)

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