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Lars Otto NaessLars Otto Naess is a Research Fellow with the Resource Politics cluster at the Institute for Development Studies, Brighton, UK.
He is a social scientist with more than 20 years’ experience of research on climate change, development and agriculture. His research interests centre on social and institutional dimensions of adaptation to climate change, policy processes on climate change and agriculture at national and sub-national levels, the role of local knowledge for adaptation to climate change, and adaptation in the context of international development.
Lyla Mehta IDSProfessor  Lyla Mehta is a Professorial Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, UK,  and a Visiting Professor at Noragric, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.
She trained as a sociologist (University of Vienna) and has a Ph.d. in Development Studies (University of Sussex). She uses the case of water and sanitation to focus on the politics of gender, scarcity,  rights and access to resources, resource grabbing,  power and policy processes. Her work also  displacement and resistance and climate change and uncertainty from ‘below’. She has extensive research and field experience in India and southern Africa. Lyla has engaged in advisory work with various UN agencies and has also been active in advocacy and activist work on gender, environment and development issues with NGOs and social movements in Europe and India.  Relevant publications include?  Flows and practices. The politics of Integrated Water Resources Management in southern and eastern Africa,  The Limits to Scarcity: Contesting the Politics of Allocation and  Displaced by Development: Confronting Marginalisation and Gender Injustice. She is currently editor of the journal Environment and Planning E, Nature and Space.

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