Annual Training Labs

Doing FPE Research in Brighton. Photo: WEGO

In the 15 months of the report WEGO has organised a total of four trainings.

  • a 5 day orientation training with an WEGO-ITN introduction for the PhDs in The Hague in September 2018 which provided basic training on academic writing and feminist political ecology and the main  WEGO-ITN approaches;
  • a 10 day training in Brighton which looked at ethics and participatory research and provide a further orientation on WEGO-ITN approaches;
  • a 5 day summer school at the University of Oslo on the concepts of FPE with feedback on students’ writing (jointly funded by the University of Oslo);
  • and a 5 day feminist methodology retreat in  Bolsena, Italy at partner Punti di Vista (jointly funded by Erasmus University Rotterdam) which looked at research methodologies.

In between these training events there have been jointly organised events and panels at conferences, including an art exhibition, and regular meetings within the institutions and across the institutions as well as on-line which provided further training on research, different forms of writing, advocacy and campaigning and outreach work. This can best be seen in the updated website and the interactive WEGO Network collaborations.