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In our two-fold event “Feminist Political Ecology and Liveable Cities: Transatlantic Dialogues”, collectively organized by WEGO-ITN PhD’s and mentors in Barcelona and Montevideo, amongst other invitees and participants from grassroots organisations, we engaged with policymakers from Europe and Latin America
Wendy Harcourt and Constance Dupuis from WEGO-ITN-Network joined the Decolonising Development Cost Action Management meeting in Brussels 25-26 June 2022. Wendy and Constance participated the two day meeting, the first face to face of the Cost Action network in Brussels
The retreat in Palazzo Orzi, Grotte di Castro, attended by 17 people, had the important task of consolidating the work of WEGO-ITN 2018-22, as well as setting new directions for the network for the next two years. The focus was
The final WEGO training lab,  attended in person by 20 people in The Hague in April, was a time to take stock of all that WEGO-ITN had achieved as well as to plan for the final months of WEGO-ITN as
Rome, 17 June 2022 – Pangea Foundation and WEGO-ITN organized the “Wangari Maathai” workshop in collaboration with the association A Sud. The aim of the event was to create a space for women working in different fields linked to feminism
The Dutch edition of our Feminist Political Ecology Dialogues happened on May 17th 2022, in Wageningen, focusing on age, generation and population. Organized by and based on the interests and research of three WEGO PhDs candidates –  Constance Dupuis (ISS),
This is the final report based on the series of talks and events which happened on November 4th, Ecología Política Feminista y Ciudades Visibles: Diálogos Transatlânticos. La Ecología Política Feminista se sustenta intelectual y metodológicamente en un enfoque de abajo
After four years of intense work, discussions, pandemic-related challenges and exciting new experiences, WEGO-ITN early-stage researchers and mentors gather today for a week of in-peron and online meetings, workshops, trainings and celebrations. PhDs students will have the opportunity to share
Notes from “Women in Graassroots environmental justice movements”, CSW66 parallel event, organized by Pangea Foundation and WEGO-ITN, March 22nd, 2022. Women from marginalized territories are often overlooked when speaking of women’s leadership, but they are often at the frontline of
This post was originally published on the Undisciplined Environments blog. You can read the full text here.  In the midst of growing hunger from colonial academia we reflect on the need to right our relationships with the Indigenous and other

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