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The Lalang river, in Indonesia, is a common property for the Murung people – almost all Murung activities happens on or around the river. However, catching fish has become more difficult for the Murung women when extractive projects such as
Coca river valley. Photo credit: Luisa Andrade
How can we reframe the current planetary crisis to find ways for decisive and life-changing collective action? The Amazon region of Ecuador, at the center of two crises –Covid-19 and a major oil spill–, but also home to a long
image: Undisciplined Environments
A new open Series co-organized by the Undisciplined Environments and FLOWs blogs looks at struggles over more just and ecological water presents and futures. Water connects every aspect of life: from our literal physical sustenance, to economic activities and political regimes.
Image: Undisciplined Environments
Nature-based Solutions (NBS) are broadly perceived as positive ‘triple-win’ strategies, though they have so far shown contradictions and limited transformational potential for advancing environmental justice and sustainability in cities. We can, however, recover the underlying idea of respecting and protecting
feminist advocacy and activism
Simona at the Festa della Legalità in Ostia. Photo: Anna Katharina Voss
WEGO mentor Simona Lanzoni, vice-president of our beneficiary Fondazione Pangea, continues to advocate tirelessly to bring an end to violence against women, be it in Italy or worldwide. Source: REAMA In March 2019 Pangea launched the Italy-wide network REAMA – Rete per l’Empowerment
Punti di Vista(Italian for ‘points of view’) and its enchanting premises of the Franciscan convent overlooking the volcanic lake of Bolsena hold a special place in the story how WEGO came into being, as the idea to create an international
mapping food knowledge and care
Setting up Restore’s Tuesday afternoon farmers market in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. image: Enid Still
In the city of Chennai, Restore, an established non-profit organic food store, has been working closely with and for farmers for over ten years. More than a ‘shop,’ this organisation has networks and connections that extend to both local farmers and
climate change strategies
The Island Institute's 2018 Bridging the Rural Efficiency Gap white paper highlighted how some Mainers face obstacles in accessing clean energy financing measures. Image: Island Institute
AS STATEWIDE CLIMATE RECOMMENDATIONS BEGIN TO TAKE SHAPE, HOW DO WE PUT MAINE COMMUNITIES AND EQUITY AT THE CENTER? Equity. It’s a concept that many value but can struggle to put into practice. When it comes to the state of Maine’s
Wageningen University campus. Image: Wageninigen University
Several WEGO member have contributed to a highly visible Manifesto by Dutch Academics that has been circulating in the highest circles in The Netherlands. One key question that people are interested in is the ‘how’ question: how to go about
Regenerative practices of care
Image: Wendy Harcourt
Arundhati Roy, in her widely circulated 3 April 2020 Financial Times piece ‘The pandemic is a portal’, argues that the pandemic offers us a chance to think about the world anew, ushering in a new era. I, hope with Roy, that

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