WEGO and degrowth

WEGO-ITN is actively involved in the 8th international degrowth conference. The event will be academic and activist in nature and will encourage the participation of artists, practitioners and policymakers, taking place over five days at and around the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in The Hague (an institute that is part of Erasmus University Rotterdam) in partnership with WEGO Innovative Training Network (Well-being, Ecology, Gender and Community) 

The Degrowth conference in Vienna has gone fully online (last three days of May) and is available without charge or by donation – a real act of gifting and the programme looks fascinating. They are also looking for volunteers to help with technical support on specific sessions – 



Relations of care: a video created for the Degrowth conference by Anna Katharina Voss

No. 6 of the #NoBackToNormal #DegrowthTalks series in which Panagiota Kotsila participated on the link between health and economic systems, critically reflecting on the contradictions in the relationship between growth, degrowth and health.