Despite Extractivism Exhibition: creative engagements on the frontline

Extracting Us Exhibition: creative engagements on the frontline through a feminist political ecology lens

Organising team: Dian Ekowati, Siti Maimunah, Alice Owen, Rebecca Elmhirst (mentor),

In addition to the co-curation of an online exhibition following on from the Extracting Us exhibition series, the organising team organised a series of online webinars which were spaces where artists, activists, researchers and interested audiences could convene to explore extractivism and its alternatives through a FPE lens.  Between a launch event and a closing event, three webinars explored the stories, ideas and practises of the Despite Extractivism contributors and the communities they engaged with. The events, featuring performances, presentations and discussions,  focused in turn on expanding but intersecting scales, from the body to the global.  

The exhibition was opened on 20th January 2022 with an online launch event. In the video you can find an explanation of the key ideas behind the exhibition and an introduction to all the works featured in the exhibition.

The Extracting Us Collective (Siti Maimunah, Dian Ekowati, Rebecca Elmhist, Alice Owen and Elona Hoover) are joined by contributing artists V’cenza Cirefice, Dewi Candraningrum, Luce Choules, Arabel Lebrusan, Daniel Macmillen Voskoboynik, Karin Edstedt, Sandro Simo and Mai Jebing.


You can access the webinars here: