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The Journal of Peasant Studies just released online — free access — Julien-Francois Gerber‘s article: ‘Degrowth and critical agrarian studies

This article argues that critical agrarian studies (CAS) and degrowth can enrich each other.

towards a political economy of degrowth

Towards a Political Economy of Degrowth

Edited by Ekaterina Chertkovskaya, Alexander Paulsson, and Stefania Barca

Published by Rowman & Littlefield International

Bringing degrowth into dialogue with critical social theories, covering previously unexplored geographical contexts and discussing some of the most contested concepts in degrowth, the book hints at informed paths towards socio-ecological transformation.

Antara Kampret, Karst, Karbon dan Politik Uang

Authors: Sarah Agustio & Siti Maimunah

Article on Mongabay

Theoretical and political journeys between environmental justice and degrowth: what potential for an alliance?

Edited by Bengi Akbulut, Federico Demaria, Julien-Francois Gerber, Joan Martinez-Alier

Article in Ecological Economics, July 2019

Feminist political ecologies of the commons and commoning

Guest editors: F. Clement, W. Harcourt, D. Joshi, C. Sato

International Journal of the Commons, Volume 13 -Issue 1 – 2019

Environment and Sustainability in a Globalizing World
Edited by Andrea J. Nightingale

Published by Routledge.  Get a 20% discount with this flyer

Practising Feminist Political Ecologies: Moving Beyond the ‘Green Economy’
Edited by Wendy Harcourt and Ingrid L. Nelson

Published by Zed Books