Siti Maimunah


Host Institute


University of Passau

Siti Maimunah photo Topic The feminist political ecology of mining on gender and ethnic identities in Kalimantan, Indonesia.



Martina Padmanbhan

Secondment 1 University of Brighton



Rebecca Elmhirst

Secondment 2 Centre for International Forestry Research



Iliana Monterroso 




Siti Maimunah was born in Jember,  East Java. She took  Soil-Agriculture as her core study in Jember University and  joined the environment group that brought attention to natural resources issues. Her early career began in the year 2000 with JATAM (Mining Advocacy Network) where she has developed her knowledged about women and mining issues. Later, she became a researcher of Sajogyo Institute, focusing on Agrarian issues.  She contributed to writing  both articles and opinion in the national newspapers as well as online websites. To this end, she has written the following:  “Indigenous People and State of Mining” (2010); Mollo, Development and Climate Change (2015); Weaving and The Guardian of Identity (2018).  She completed her masters degree on politics from University of Indonesia (2016).