Network collaboration

The WEGO network collaboration interactive feature shows how WEGO-ITN works horizontally rather than vertically. The PhDs have been working collaborative on the website, co-organising seminars, conference panels and doing collaborative planning for the edited books. At the local level as indicated in the WEGO Network Collaboration there has been considerable engagement and connection with communities related to community economies, fracking, water pollution, food sovereignty and alternative food markets, climate justice groups and women’s sexual health and reproductive rights.  The consolidated contribution at the European level WEGO is contributing to campaigns and conferences on political ecology and Degrowth bringing the issues of gender and climate justice, alternative economies. In The Netherlands, WEGO-ITN members contributed to a post Corona times Manifesto that is being  considered at the highest level and is a founding member of the local organising committee of the 8th International Degrowth Conference. As the blog posts indicated, in Uruguay, Britain, Italy, Indonesia, India, Germany and Spain WEGO-ITN members have contributed to public events. As the findings of the ESRs are analysed and consolidated more policy related events are planned in 2021.

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