Multimedia: videos, podcasts and more

WEGO-ITN has been producing multimedia and original content since 2018 – from videos to infographics, from podcasts to illustrations and art projects. With this multitude of outcomes, the network hopes to reach a bigger, broader and more diverse public. Academics, activists, students, researchers – people interested in Feminist Political Ecology are more than welcome to connect with our multiple channels.


WEGO-ITN videos can be found on our Vimeo and YouTube channels.



“The Feminist Political Ecology Podcast”, by WEGO-ITN, is directed to those who believe in doing environmentalism, justice and feminism in a different way. Every episode we invitesresearchers, activists and professors, in- and outside our network, to discuss the most urgent and inspiring topics around feminist political ecology.

You can hear it on our channels, in Soundcloud and Spotify:



Troubling Waterscapes

Troubling waterscapes is an exploration into the possibilities of troubling dominant representations and  ways of experiencing water in India and elsewhere. Artists, activists and scholars from India, Italy and the UK, explored and provided space to different modes and methods of narrating water, challenging conventional academic forms of narration.

You can visit it here.