2nd training lab in June 2020 – online

Online meeting of the WEGO consortium Image: Karen Shaw

WEGO will be holding its second annual training lab in June. All of the WEGO-ITN will meet on-line in order to give feedback to the PhDs on their project. Timing is key given the different time zones so the training will be spread over several days with two maximum hours on-line. PhD mini-lectures and Plenaries will be recorded.

WEGO Partner Punti di Vista will be coordinating the event on Zoom.

Pre Mini-lectures: 10-13 June PhD mini-lectures 13.00 CEST (recorded). 

Plenaries: 15, 16 & 17  June  and 25 June 13.00 CEST. 

Workshops: 15-18  June  time to be determined by groups according to time zone with the exception of 18 June where workshops will be held 13.00 CEST

More off-line time will be used for reading, commenting on texts, writing and being creative together. 

You can watch the plenaries and discussions of the second training lab 2020 here.

PhD Mini Lectures the week prior to the training on 10, 11 and 12 June

Each PhD will present in 10 minutes:

  1. What they are researching and where they are in their PhD process
  2. How they are interpreting FPE 
  3. One thing that COVID-19 has changed and one thing that COVID-19 has opened up in with the networks with whom they engaging

The presentation has to be written up in 1-2 pages and made available on drop box along with the link to the recordings.

Mentors and other PhDs will be asked to be at the zoom meetings and to be prepared to give comments during the feedback working groups (and/or in writing).

Working groups

According to either theme (commons, water, bodies/health, food, extractivism etc.) or in terms of the methodology they are developing; or the stage they are at in their PhD (pre post data collection etc.) will be held during the training.

Creative working time  to be scheduled on and off line throughout the three days organised by Constance, Irene and Alice with Martina.

Plenary Sessions

13.00  Europe is 7 AM/ USA/ 12 noon UK/ 20.00 Tokyo/ 23.00 Auckland (Yvonne has kindly agreed to be available at 23.00 evenings for the plenary sessions)

Opening session: to clarify what we hope to achieve in the three intense WEGO days. (Wendy

Wendy will put together a short personal reflection/ background update on WEGO and where she thinks we are in terms of our initial FPE vision 

First Plenary: FPE Ethical research practice, networking and community engagement (Katherine, Ana, Rob, Panagiota, Yvonne) 

Katherine Gibson will give or prerecord a ‘master class’ style talk based on the PhD mini-lectures and papers and will work with Ana, Rob, Pangiota and Yvonne in breakout groups.

Second Plenary: From field work and community engagement to writing up PhD/academic papers(Andrea, Sergio, Ingrid)

Andrea will be working with Sergio and Ingrid to give guidance and tips on how to write up also given the  delays and difficulties of doing research due to Covid-19

Third plenary: Where are we now on FPE what has changed, how will we move forward? (Lyla, Wendy, Becky, Giovanna)

During the training Lyla with Wendy, Becky and Giovanna will be listening closely to the discussions and will give their reflection on what the framing of FPE can offer as we move forward with the WEGO project.

Final session Reflections and Feedback 

Before the final session PhDs will be asked to revisit and update their initial paper  these will be put together in a blog piece for Undisciplined Environments.