Lectures and talks

Lectures and talks by WEGO network and affiliated researchers

On these pages WEGO offers free-access to all publicly available material produced by network members such as briefs, papers, presentations, training material and syllabuses. Do check frequently, we update this section regularly.

Climate change, uncertainty and the city – Lyla Mehta
The keynote lecture of the Realising Just Cities 2019 conference, delivered by Professor Lyla Mehta, Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, UK, and Visiting professor, Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Recorded at The Diamond, University of Sheffield, 17 October 2019.
Podcast: Water for Food Security, Nutrition and Social Justice – Lyla Mehta and Claudia Ringler

Water is crucial to sustain life, food, ecosystems, human health and wellbeing. Still, millions of poor and marginalised women and men around the world face challenges in accessing water due to a range of ecological, socio-political, institutional and economic reasons. Link

Beyond handbook tyrannies: Pluralising the practice of feminist political ecology
Rebecca Elmhirst opened the 10thDimensions of Political Ecology (DOPE) conference at University of Kentucky with a presentation entitled Beyond handbook tyrannies: Pluralising the practice of feminist political ecology. Her talk introduced the work WEGO is doing to consolidate Feminist Political Ecology as a body of work and ethical approach to research and practice to an audience of largely North and Latin American-based political ecologists.
ESR Siti Maimunah is a speaker on an Indonesian webinar
On the 12thof May 2020 Mai spoke on a live streamed webinar: Sinematik #5: Oligarki Industri Batu Bara dan Krisis Sosio-Ekologis. You can see her speak in Bahasi Indonesia.
Gender violence as a cultural issue
Keynote speaker Simona Lanzoni (Fondazione Pangea) speaks about how gender violence is also a cultural issue at a conference at Università di Trento on 14-15 January 2019.
 Findings of the ‘Universal Periodic Review of Women Rights in Italy’ (in Italian)
Here Simona Lanzoni presents the findings of the ‘Universal Periodic Review of Women Rights in Italy’, at the 4th Forum of Mediterranean Women Journalists in Taranto, Bari, Brindisi on 21-23 November 2019.
What Islands Can Teach Maine About Energy | Suzanne MacDonald | TED talk
Suzanne MacDonald talks about Maine’s island communities face energy issues beyond what we on the mainland usually think about, but the thrifty, forward-thinking, and innovative ways that such communities come together to solve their energy problems could actually teach the rest of us some useful models.
Suzanne and Rob in discussion at the Highlands and Islands Summit Scotland
President Rob Snyder and Chief Community Development Officer, Suzanne MacDonald discuss the Island Institute’s work. 
Intersections and Impacts—Collaborating for Maine’s Changing Coast
On Friday, February 8, 2019, the Island Institute hosted the third annual Waypoints Forum, an afternoon of discussions focused on the future of our coastal and island communities and the challenges facing Maine’s rapidly changing coast. This conversation highlighted the defining issues impacting their working waterfronts, their workforce and economy, and their coastal communities preparing for threats from sea level rise and climate shifts.