Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management (SOPPECOM)


Seems Kulkarni photoDr Seema Kulkarni is a Senior Fellow of the SOPPECOM gender, water, land and rural livelihoods programme.
She is project leader on several SOPPECOM projects with reference to water, sanitation, land and livelihoods, as well as convenor of state and national networks on women farmers and water organisations. She has coordinated several research projects on issues related to gender, livelihoods land and water and sanitation, including:

  • Women and land rights in Maharashtra: towards evolving an agenda for research and action (2015-2016).
  • Impact of rural sanitation intervention on women’s psychological and physical health in Bihar, India- University of Oklohama, University of Texas A&M and SOPPECOM 2016-2018
  • Understanding gendered sanitation vulnerabilities : A study in Uttar Pradesh, India 2016
  • Issues of water justice in urban Pune, with Wageningen University Netherlands 2013

Seema also writes regularly for popular journals and newspapers in English and the local language.