Eoin Farrelly presents his research during his secondment at IDS Sussex

Eoin Farelly presenting his research during his secondment at IDS Sussex. Photo: WEGO
Photo: WEGO

Eoin Farrelly is a political scientist and peace scholar with research interests in climate change, food sovereignty, the transition to a post-growth economy, gender, masculinities and power.

His PhD research will investigate the transformation of small-scale fishing communities in Scotland and Ireland. He has previously worked on LGBT Rights in Ireland, youth and community development in the north of England, and most recently as a programme assistant on a DfID and British Academy funded research project aimed at challenging simplistic narratives on brokerage in the migration sector. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics and Peace Studies from the University of Bradford and an MSc in Climate Change, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex and Institute of Development Studies. Tweets @eoinfarrelly83

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