Oslo summer school

concerns over the increase in ecological crises
Oslo Summer School. Photo: WEGO.

A 5-day summer school was organised by Professor Andrea Nightingale based at the University of Oslo (Convenor), together with Professor Wendy Harcourt from Institute of Social Studies and Dr Rebecca Elmhirst from University of Brighton. It was hosted by the University of Oslo from 29 July to 2 August 2019.

The school brought together 25 PhD participants from the WEGO and University of Oslo networks with multi-disciplinary expertises from both in and outside Europe.

The aim of the school was to provide young researchers with insights into concerns over the increase in ecological crises. Scholars and ordinary people alike are returning to more emotional and affective ways of understanding their connection to the rest of the world. Feminist political ecology (FPE) is back on the front line of the social science of environment. FPE theorises the relationships between social difference, environmental change and political economies, with particular attention on how everyday practices cross scales and shape global processes. Conceptually, it theories how power operates to shape societies, cultures, knowledges and ecologies. While early contributions emerged from concerns over women and development, feminist political ecology today contributes to debates at the core of social science debates: the production of difference, inequality and exclusion; the politics of knowledge; and the nature-society nexus. This course offers students an introduction to cutting edge themes within FPE and situates them in relation to current practical concerns about how to respond to social and ecological change.

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