It is important to incorporate a new vision linked to the ethics of care, which opens the possibility of hoping for a better world, a world in which the community dimension becomes central, where care is the basis for connections,
A memory from pre-corona times
Looking at these four photos now, taken when I was visiting Ana Agostino and Constance Dupuis in Montevideo Uruguay March 6-13 it seems a life time, not just two weeks ago. My visit included what today would be an unthinkably
Report Life Vs capital: Understanding the crisis, changing the world.  Life vs Capital was the first training school for climate strikers held in Naples, Italy on October 2-4, 2019. The School was organized by the partnership of Fridays for Future Naples(FFF)
feminist entanglements of care
Thinking with care does not mean romanticizing, idealizing isolated stories. On the contrary, it means taking seriously the troubled dynamics and relations that shape our everyday life, our bodies, and our worlds, paying attention to what, who and whose knowledge
From the 26th to the 29th of December 2019, the “Segundo encuentro internacional de mujeres que luchan” (Second International Encounter of Women who Fight) took place in the territory/community of “Los Zapatistas” in Chiapas Mexico. This community that emerged in
my PhD journey
Within WEGO, I am enrolled as a non-resident PhD at ISS in The Hague while being based in Rome. The virtue of starting my PhD journey moving to the country where I will also carry out my research – Italy
On a Friday morning in February, Nanako Nakamura visited the Older Women’s Network in Sydney that she was referred to by one of her Australian grannies. In 1987, motivated by women members of the Combined Pensioners Association, the Older Women’s
aging and environment
photo: Sharmini Bisessar
Constance Dupuis presented her research design seminar on 21 February at the Institute of Social Studies, suggesting that there are many fruitful discussions to be had at the intersection of aging and environment. She sets out to ask: How can we
count them in
Students at IHE Delft have produced a documentary entitled ‘Count them in’ on gender equality in science featuring Margreet Zwarteveen and Wendy Harcourt.    
Wendy Harcourt. Source: WEGO
WEGO coordinator Wendy Harcourt  was interviewed by Erasmus University Rotterdam. Read the full interview. “We are looking at how communities are responding to climate crisis in order to understand how to link this to a global understanding of resilience”