count them in
Students at IHE Delft have produced a documentary entitled ‘Count them in’ on gender equality in science featuring Margreet Zwarteveen and Wendy Harcourt.    
Wendy Harcourt. Source: WEGO
WEGO coordinator Wendy Harcourt  was interviewed by Erasmus University Rotterdam. Read the full interview. “We are looking at how communities are responding to climate crisis in order to understand how to link this to a global understanding of resilience”  
Irene Leonardelli recently defended her research proposal at lHE Delft Her research entitled ‘Flower Farmers in a Dry Land: A feminist ethnography of agrarian change and water flows in Maharashtra, India’ focuses on how farmers in the rural areas of Maharashtra,
At the end of a too-long, extremely dry summer, rural women from the drought-prone district of Beed, Maharashtra, finally return home, after six months of seasonal employment in sugar cane plantations. Encountering them allows me to reflect on experiences of
learning to care as a feminist
Sign at Occupy Portland, October 21, 2011. Photo: Flickr/K.Kendal via Wikimedia Commons. CC BY 2.0.
Elona Hoover, a PhD candidate at the University of Brighton and a fellow traveller,  was recently invited to share a feminist perspective in Open Democracy’s Transformations series on care. The blog is entitled ‘Learning to care as a feminist. In a
Convento in Bolsena Italy
For a week in August part of the WEGO team gathered with other academics and activists of diverse places, ages and experiences in the beautiful convent of Bolsena in Italy for a feminist methodologies writing retreat. Read the full blog
Marlene Gomez shares her first reflections on doing a PhD. Well, it turns out that it has been a year since we started this wonderful, but at the same time challenging journey of the Ph.D. I find it wonderful because
How to resist the devastation of territories and social relations by collectively and creatively planting the seeds for a socioecological transformation through feminist practices of commoning? Understanding the commons as the performance of care-full social relations through which alternative, anticapitalist
At the climate strike in New Delhi. Photo: Christian Eichenmüller
Taking the short taxi ride from my Airbnb apartment in Jangpura to the Indian Habitat Centre on Lodhdi Road, watching the blurred streets pass in the heat of the morning sun, cushioned in the faux-leather seats, cooled by air-conditioning, the
I feel more and more comfortable presenting my Ph.D. project in public. I remember that at the beginning of the doctorate I could not even accommodate my ideas in my mind and it was hard for me to verbalize what