Alternative food initiatives in Berlin and Barcelona

Me enjoying ☺ Source: Marlene Gomez

I feel more and more comfortable presenting my Ph.D. project in public. I remember that at the beginning of the doctorate I could not even accommodate my ideas in my mind and it was hard for me to verbalize what I thought. However, after a year of being on this trip, the public presentations have become a moment of reflection on what I want to communicate and what I am investigating. They help me to identify deficiencies in my research or possible contradictions. Jena and the rest of the presentations that I have had have worked to me as deadlines of my research, and somehow impel me to continue with the debate of it. Doing a doctorate is not simple, especially when you do not belong to a kind of structured doctorate. We ourselves manage our time, and we get deadlines regarding the goals we want to achieve. Jena helped me to reflect on the progress of my research on the methodological and theoretical framework that I am using and, above all, on the functionality of my research. What do I really want to achieve with it? How can I contribute to the theoretical debate of the FPE? And better yet, how can I make my research useful in practice and not just more words without content?

Info_Kauf Tageskarten im Vorfeld (pdf document)

Hauptprogramm zur Konferenz Great Transformation (pdf document)

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