Practising Feminist Political Ecologies: Moving Beyond the ‘Green Economy’
Edited by Wendy Harcourt and Ingrid L. Nelson

Published by Zed Books




Environment and Sustainability in a Globalizing World
Edited by Andrea J. Nightingale

Published by Routledge.  Get a 20% discount with this flyer





Feminist political ecologies of the commons and commoning

Guest editors: F. Clement, W. Harcourt, D. Joshi, C. Sato

International Journal of the Commons, Volume 13 -Issue 1 – 2019


Theoretical and political journeys between environmental justice and degrowth: what potential for an alliance?

Edited by Bengi Akbulut, Federico Demaria, Julien-Francois Gerber, Joan Martinez-Alier

Article in Ecological Economics, July 2019




Antara Kampret, Karst, Karbon dan Politik Uang

Authors: Sarah Agustio & Siti Maimunah

Article on Mongabay